SEP 23rd & 24th 2023 Brussels

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KLZ Events was build in 2009 by a group of cinema lovers, with the objective to specialise in creating events and improve convention and fan event formats. Currently, in KLZ Events we are experts in the development of international events for fans as our main activity, addressed to people with the same affinity, approaching the cinema and televisión to the audience in a convention or fanmeet. We create opportunities, with the main objective of fullfilling dreams of many fans to meet their cinema or TV idols.

Our experience in organising events and conventions for fans includes more than 15 events and 50 international guests in Spain, Italy, Germany and Belgium, also in Latinamerica and in Brazil.

Visit “past events” section to know more about our experience in conventions.

Find out the collaborators that have contributed in our events here.

Our events have had impact nationally (Spain) and internationally. Here you can see all the references.

Moreover, you can visit our YOUTUBE channel and watch some exclusive videos and interviews to our guests.

In KLZ Events we work to make many people dreams come true and they live unique and unforgettable experiences together with their idols.

Thank you!

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