SEP 23rd & 24th 2023 Brussels

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Saturday registration

Saturday’s registration lists are now available in our shop!

Continue reading to know everything about this lists and how to be on them:

The official registration is on Friday afternoon, but we will offer a limited number of people the possibility of doing their registration on Saturday. This registration is available in the shop, and you will have to pay 5€ per pass, this means that is one “Saturday’ ticket registration” for one pass.
This tickets will be available until sold out, so if you didn’t bought your ticket, you must come on Friday.

There is a third possibility, a friend or family can do the registration for you on Friday, they only need to show us a copy of your ID/ Passport and confirmations.

If you can’t do any of this options, is at your own risk, and you may have trouble entering the event.


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