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Do you know KLZ Events?

Do you know KLZ Events?

Kansas Let Zeppelin International Company S.L (KLZ events), is an event’s organization  company, 100% dedicated to the world of fans of TV series, movies, books, music bands, famous people, hobbies, etc.

We focus our activity on start up events in the sector to open up a wide range of possibilities.

KLZ Events visualizes the interests of the fans and we create our own projects, developing them with the highest professionalism, reliability and creativity, following our philosophy of “making things right”.

KLZ Events has been working in the area of international conventions since 2009.

The world of fans, best known as fandom, is at it’s largest today. One fan is someone that helps bring the success or failure to any film, TV or music project, to any actor or actress, or even to any film or music producer. Fans, via social media, have a strong voice about any and every  activity. It is important to reach them when an idea is being performed. They are the ones that decide, so here is where KLZ events succeeds and where its management is developed basically.

Thanks to our team, collaborators and technicians, we do great research about fans that attend our events, talk and transmit their feelings and opinions by word of mouth, by internet and social networks, spreading our news to all over the world in a few minutes. We communicate and talk constantly with all of them and we work to achieve great results.

Nowadays, fans are in charge and we are dedicated to addressing them for our events to be welcomed the best way and to reach the highest amount of people possible.

Thanks for your trust!
KLZ Events

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