Social Responsibility

Against Cyberbullying:

After 11 years of constant bullying on social networks and after the last news on many companies and public faces, we want to start this campaign against online bullying which affects as much as the physical one.

We have to read almost everyday people that comes or not to our events writing hateful comments on our social media. It is so easy to spread hate on someone else just typing in your phone or PC, but the damage you cause with it is deep and is never forget for the ones that receive it.

We are two CEOs in our company and we read and try to reply almost everything on social media, so this hurt us so bad that this cause depression and anexity. One of us was recommended to not enter, see or reply any comment due to the state of anexity this implied to her.

No one deserves to go through this and this is the correct moment to try to start having a online community respectful and friendly for everyone. We want to change the way we act with those comments and same as other people we will not accept any kind of threat, insult or hateful comment. From now on we will blocked and take actions on those kinds of comments against us or any of our assistants.

With the hashtag #klzagainstcyberbulling we want you to share your stories and find a place where no one will hurt you, we will fight with you, we will give you support and we will create a web of friendly people how can express any kind of feeling without being hateful.

Join us, share, retweet and stay with all of us for a better social media and a virtual world without hurting anyone. This is not about an online comment, for someone near you is the difference between be sick or stable.

Stay strong!

KLZ Events helps Australian animals affected by the great bushfires:

In January 2020, we at KLZ Events launched a campaign announcing that during the whole month, for every item bought in our stores, 2€ would be destined to RSPCA: The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Australia.
These donations will help all the animals whose habitats have been ravaged by the terrible fires that kept happening these last months.

We encourage you to contribute to this project and help the animals that are currently living this chaotic and disastrous situation.
Every step counts!

Help us to help indian kids:

KLZ Events went to India on 2017 and met a lovely association (and also a vegan cafeteria!) in Pushkar called «The Laughing Buddha». They directly help the kids of the zone to go to school and there are so many people involved. We met some kids in the streets and we really wanted to help. What they need right now is school material: notebooks, pens, folders, bags, etc… We will collaborate with some products and also paying the shipping to India of boxes of material but we would love you to help us to bring them more material for them. In our events BloodyNightCon Europe and BloodyNightCon Spain 2017 we had a box for this cause, and the participation from all of you were amazing! That’s why we will repeat this on the WerewolfCon 3.

Be part of it and help! It’s one pen, one notebook… but for them makes the difference between being in the school or the streets.

KLZ Events a committed company:

KLZ Events is active in various social, environmental and animals care, discover how you can work with us to make this a better world.Thank you all!.

1. KLZ Events collaborates actively with the environment. When we receive all paper passes by our customers, paper boxes are sent directly to a recycling plant.

2. KLZ Events does not work directly with paper ever, always save our documents into electronic files thus helping in the conservation of the environment.

3. KLZ Events works and collaborates with associations and groups for the animals of the Community of Madrid and other regions of Spain providing donations and actively helping them shape.

4. KLZ Events helps abandoned animals as shelter and we are looking for adopters throughout Spain, helping with transportation on their own throughout the Spanish geography if necessary.

Coming soon new social projects in which everyone can participate. We encourage you to help, is not that hard and the satisfaction is enormous.

Sterilization of Stray Cats

For years and personally we have helped both feral cat colonies to castration and to be adopted. In 2013 we involve KLZ Events for castrate an entire colony and we got it. We will continue with more such actions in the future.