SEP 23rd & 24th 2023 Brussels

See you in:



KLZ Events is active in various social, environmental and animals care, discover how you can work with us to make this a better world.Thank you all!.
1. KLZ Events collaborates actively with the environment. When we receive all paper passes by our customers, paper boxes are sent directly to a recycling plant.
2. KLZ Events does not work directly with paper ever, always save our documents into electronic files thus helping in the conservation of the environment.
3. KLZ Events works and collaborates with associations and groups for the animals of the Community of Madrid and other regions of Spain providing donations and actively helping them shape.
4. KLZ Events helps abandoned animals as shelter and we are looking for adopters throughout Spain, helping with transportation on their own throughout the Spanish geography if necessary.
5. KLZ Events has collaborated with the RSPCA: The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Australia, helping Australian animals affected by the great bushfires.
Coming soon new social projects in which everyone can participate. We encourage you to help, is not that hard and the satisfaction is enormous.

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