SEP 23rd & 24th 2023 Brussels

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All in one

Hello everybody,

As you all know we had mixed this event, Onehundredcon, with the Bloodynightcon Europe.
Here all the info about it:

Bloodynightcon information about change dates

Also check this info below:

With Exclusive pass (BloodyNightCon Europe expensive pass) or Rise Pass you will be able to choose between one group photo or the other included.

We will have two Full Meeting Room sessions. You can buy the Full Meeting Room for one cast or the other. If you bought it for BloodyNightCon Europe cast, you will go to this FMR and not the other.

Breakfast party will be mixed with all the guests of both guestlists (except Paul).

With the Fast Pass you will have preference for both events but we will several reduce the quantity available.

For more doubts, send an email to

Thank you!

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