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Types of KLZ’ events

Types of KLZ’ events:
Our motor  are the events that are dedicated to TV shows and films for fans from all over the world. These events bring actors and actresses who participate in the TV show or film related to the event, that includes activities about the topic of the event and the guests: autographs, photo ops, private meetings for few people, breakfast or dinner with one of the guests, among others.

Currently we are working in 4 sorts of events:


Events about one single tv show or actual film with great impact.

It includes a maximum of 5 guests confirmed (including main cast members)  with a maximum of 1.000 people attending.


Events about more than one tv show or actual film confirmed.

It includes actors and actresses from a tv series or films with similar themes. There is a room for exhibitors about comic, manga, fantastic literature, TV, videogames, etc. This event is catered for the possibility of 15.000 people attending.


Events about one tv show or film that was cancelled or has ended.

It includes a maximum of 3 guests confirmed and with a maximum of 300 people attending.


Events with 1 guest confirmed (actor/actress, singer/musician).

With a maximum of 150 people attending.

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