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New way to meet your favorite actors and actresses


Meet your idols online in a private meeting! Spend 15 minutes talking with your favorite guests online from your computer.

How it works?

Every eMeet will be announced in this website and will start by 100€. You will be able to send your BEST OFFER during 3 days and as many times as you want.
The highest offer received will win the eMeet.
Date and hour will be agreed by both parts depend of the availability.
Payment has to be made in 48h by bank wire, paypal or credit card. If we don’t receive the payment on time, the eMeet will be cancelled and the second hightest offer will be the new winner.
eMeets are for a maximum of two attendants plus the guest. We will take in count always the highest offers depending of the quantity of people who wants to join (if we receive an offer of 200€ for one attendant and an offer of 200€ for two attendants, will win the one for one attendant).


Everybody can participate from any part of the world.
KLZ Events will manage the eMeet by ZOOM, creating the meeting online and will support the meeting during the 15min.
We won’t offer translation. eMeet will be in English.
The eMeet is a conversation between the celebrity and the attendant/s. We won’t accept committed questions.
If the rules are not respected, KLZ will take the desition to finish the call and attendant have nothing to claim.
It is not allowed to record and/or distribuye the conversation in public or in private with another people. If the organization is advised about it, will take legal measurements against the attendant.

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