SEP 23rd & 24th 2023 Brussels

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Thank you for your support

Dear #KLZ_Family,

This year has been a rough year for all of us. It started with the terrible Australian fires, and then the pandemic hit us in March, halting the planet… and we’re still fighting it.

For us, at the KLZ_Team, it’s been a year in which we’ve grown as a team:

We faced one of our greatest fears (Postponing a convention), and we managed to keep all our invited guests (except for one, at the OneHundredCon).

We’ve innovated, and brought you the online meetings; our eMeets. We can assure you that they’ll hook you, since we see people joining us more than once.

We’ve also launched the eNotes, after noticing the autograph’s success during our conventions, we tried taking it further, and turned them into videos. It’s been our star product this Christmas… together with the Past Event Autographs, of course!

All of our events scheduled for 2020 have been postponed until 2021, and we’re still pushing for the DarkShareCon Asia in 2022. This will be our first event in the continent!

We’re looking forward to all the projects we’re currently preparing, and we’re doing it all THANKS TO YOU. This year you’ve given us your trust, patience, and comprehension.

Because you’re still excited to come to a KLZ_Events convention; cheering the intro; feeling butterflies in your stomach when you approach the panel’s room microphone; shed a tear after hugging your fav in the photo ops; filling your convention’s poster with the guest’s autographs, or having the time of your life in the party.

One more thing: Let’s rock 2021!

Thanks from our heart,

KLZ Team

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