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KLZ Events new shops updated

OneHundredCon shop update

The new KLZ Events shops are open and working as normal. We have recently updated the OneHundredCon shop to give you a better experience during your purchasing process.

All of the new shops have a simpler look, easier navigation and is faster to you to find your products. 

Some of the features of the new shops are:

  • On the home page you will find a menu with passes, extras, party tickets, no entrance autographs and other products from your favorite event. A simpler menu to make your experience in the KLZ Events shops easier.
  • On the extras page, you can find a simple menu, where appears:
    • Your favs extras on the same page: An “extras” page for each guest. You have a simple menu with the different extras options and you just have to choose what you want, the quantity and add to cart, and that you have selected appears in your bag.
    • Full meeting room: There you will find this extra, you have only option, you can select the quantity as you want and add to bag.
    • Group: You can find the different group photo options. We have made one with all the photo groups extras: You can select between Duo photo, group selfie or group photo.
    • In other products you can find the KLZ Eventer (membership), autographs from past events, Saturday registration, digital photo and gift card
      • In the Gift Card option, a perfect option if you don’t know what to give. in the web you have to select the quantity of the give (always multiple of 5) and add to cart.
  • Pay by installments, you only have to go to every pass and will see the different options. If you want to do the first payment, you have to select pre-order option.

All these improvements will allow you to have a better shop experience.

Remember, if you can’t see your old orders, remember we will have the old shop available ONLY to check your account at:

If you have any problem or doubt, please send us an email to and we will help you to solve it.

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