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5 tips to identify a fan of The100

5 tips identify the100 fan

When we thought of doing a convention of The 100, the OneHundredCon, we knew that most of you would love this idea because the TV series, even though it has finished, is still on the minds of all the fans of Murphy, Raven, Nathan and the rest of the cast. At KLZ Events we think this is a great opportunity to have a convention and give you a chance to meet your idols. We know that there are some characteristics to identify a true fan of The 100, here are 5 tips to identify a fan of The100. 

How to identify a fan of The100? 

  1. Knows everything about the cast: A fan of The 100 loves (or hates) the characters but always knows the actor/actress who plays the role, the past and the future projects, because they are like family. 
  2. Wants to learn Trigadasleng:  If some of your friends say something like ‘Jus Drein, Jus Daun’ ‘Ai hod yu in’, ‘Hodnes laik kwelnes’ don’t panic!! They’re speaking Trigadasleng, the language of Grounders. The Trigandasleng language is very very difficult but an authentic fan says some phrases and quotes the words.   
  3. Has investigated the 13 clans:  Remembering that there are 13 clans is very easy. We’re sure the authentic fan can tell you the names of the clans in a row without any mistakes and knows all about them.
  4. He knows all about relationships:  and he either loved them or hated them! During the 7 seasons of this Tv series there have been different fictional relationships and a true fan knows all relationships.
  5. Can place all the events of the TV series in the timeline: Loads of events occur during the show and more we couldn’t see during the broadcast. An authentic fan knows what happened and the chronological order.

We know there are a lot of more than 5 tips to identify a fan of The100, but we don’t want to spoil you.


OneHundredCon in Brussels

If you’re a The 100 fan or have a friend who is, at OneHundredCon you can meet part of the cast of the TV series. This event will be celebrated in Brussels next 26th & 27th June. If you want to attend get now your pass and extras to be closer to your faves.

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