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New memberships of 50 KLZ Eventers available

KLZ Eventer

Are you coming to KLZ Events conventions and you want to be the first to enjoy all the activities? If your answer is yes, you have to know about KLZ Eventer, the KLZ Events membership program. This is a very limited program, because there are only a few opportunities to buy it. From today we’ve 50 KLZ Eventers memberships available to purchase in all KLZ Events shops 

Purchasing now one of the KLZ Eventer memberships you will use it until July 2022, just after the PostPanCon.  If you buy the membership for the first time (or renew your membership) you will be a VIP with benefits before the events and during it. 

For example. 

1) If you buy the KLZ Eventer now (or renew) you will have priority to ALL 4 events. 

2) If you purchased a BloodyNightCon pass during your KLZ Eventer membership in 2019 or 2020, you will have priority at BloodyNightCon 2022 BUT NOT at DarkShadeCon and WereWolfCon.  


This is your last chance to be a KLZ Eventer for next year (and PostPanCon), because until after the event we will not sell more memberships. 


Being a member of KLZ Eventer, you have different benefits 


– You will be the first to know all KLZ Event news many hours before anyone else

– 20% discount on all passes to events organized by KLZ Events.

– Exclusive raffles & activities only for KLZ Eventers. 

– At all conventions you have an assigned numbered seat in front of all the passes in the zone of your pass.

– You will have priority in all the activities of the convention before the rest of the passes.

– You will receive exclusive gifts of KLZ Events.

– And much more. 


The annual fee to become a member of KLZ Eventer is 150 €, and this time this membership will be available until July 2022, just after PostPanCon

If you want to join the club or have any questions about it, you can contact us at and we will give you more information.


Become a KLZ Eventer and enjoy as never before all our events.

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