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Who is Jarod Joseph?

OneHundredCon Jarod Joseph

Jarod Joseph

Jarod Joseph is a Canadian actor who was born on October, 9, 1985 in Calgary.

In his childhood he was very interested in sports (basketball and hockey), but his live changed and as a suggestion of a friend he decided, in 2007,  to pursue acting and went to Vancouver to look for jobs. Jarod auditioned for a role in Percy Jackson & Olympians: The Lightning Thief in 2010, though the role as a College Buddy was small. It was enough to interest him to propel his film career.

Afterwards, he participated in different Tv shows over the next years. Some of the TV series that he appeared in were: Fringe, V, Endgame, Arrow or Once Upon a Time. His first regular role was Detective Nicholas Fleming in Rogue (2013). He considers the role of Christopher Taylor, a lawyer who was gay at The LA Complex as the most important one.  He was one of the first openly gay black characters on TV.

In 2014 he started his role in The 100 as Nathan Miller, he participated until 2020, the end of the TV Show. He was a recurring and important character.

During the 6 years of the TV show he also played different roles in TV series and TV movies.


Jarod Joseph at OneHundredCon

Jarod Joseph will attend the next OneHundredCon, the KLZ Event convention dedicated to The 100. With Richard Harmon, Lindsey Morgan and Sachin Sahel  will be in Brussels July, 8th & 9th, 2022. A event where all The 100 fans could meet their idols and also other fans of the show.

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