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Polaris Party

OneHundredCon Polaris Party

Polaris Party at OneHundredCon 

OneHundredCon is the first KLZ Events convention for all The 100 fans, as all our events, this one will be similar to the others. It will include the same activities but with the faves of the CW TV Show. One of the activities most demanded is the party with the guest, the Polaris Party

This activity involves all the cast who attends the convention: Lindsey Morgan, Sachin Sahel, Jarod Joseph and Richard Harmon.


What is the Polaris party?

The party is one of the most loved activities for the fans, because you can enjoy a relaxed time with all the guest and share, in this case a breakfast with them. 

All fans will know that the name of Polaris refers to the 13th station, that it was used by Becca to conduct investigation on A.L.I.E 2.0. 

During the party, all the guest interact with all fans, because they will change between the tables and they talk with every fan.

All KLZ Events parties will take place just after or before the conventions, Polaris Party as a breakfast, will be celebrated on Saturday, the second day of the event just before starting the convention. 


This is an exclusive activity only at KLZ Events, and it only involves a maximum of 100 attendees and the confirmed guests of the OneHundredCon. The activity will last around 1 hour. 


Polaris Party & Mystic falls party

As we have planned in 2022 the Polaris Party and Mystics falls party will be held together. Two activities in one, it means that all guests of OneHundredCon and the BloodyNightCon Europe confirmed guests will be there. 


This is your best chance to meet the cast of The 100, The Vampire Diaries, Legacies and The Originals at the same activity. 

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