The present general terms and Conditions apply to all commercial transactions within the website www.klzevents.com (here in after the Website), domain owned by Kansas Let Zeppelin International Company S.L. (here in after KLZ Events), legally constituted company incorporated under the laws of Spain, with VAT Number B-86002490, registered at the Business Registry of Moralzarzal (Madrid), volume 27982, sheet 207, entry 1, page M-504313; located on C/ Travesía De Juncarejo 40, Moralzarzal (Madrid, Spain) 28411 – (Here in after, “KLZ Events“).

KLZ Events makes every effort within its means to ensure that the information in the Website regarding prices, promotions and service Conditions is veracious and without typographical mistakes. Should such an error occur, at all times beyond the control of KLZ Events, it would beimmediately corrected, and if a customer made a purchase decision based on said error, KLZ Events would inform the customer of said mistake and the customer would have the right to cancel the order at no cost to themselves.

  1. KLZ Events’ information channels can be found on www.klzevents.com, their Facebook profile and the following links: https://www.facebook.com/klzeventsspain and https://twitter.com/klz_events.
  2. KLZ Events will under NO circumstances send personalized information. Therefore, customers must keep updated and informed about all products and events through the channels noted above.
  3. KLZ Events will sell tickets through established channels, the main one being the online store at the Website. All products and tickets will be acquirable from the date they are made available for purchase on the Website, up until a few days before the event starts.
  4. Allproduct and service prices include VAT.
  5. Payment for all products and services available at the Website can be made by credit card or bank transfer. Please note that bank transfer payments must be fulfilled within three (3) calendar days after placing an order. All orders must always be paid for in full, instalment payment will under no circumstances be accepted, unless KLZ Events specifically offers the possibility to do so and only for certain products and/or services designated by KLZ Events.
  6. Resale of tickets is strictly forbidden, as established byarticle 24.3 of Act 17/1997 of July 4th on Public Entertainment and Recreational Activities. The name of the customer who purchased the ticket will be linked to said ticket and it shall not be subject to any alterations. If said ticket was resold, the new buyer will not be able to enter the event.
  7. KLZ Events reserves the right to refuse admission, and thus may limit acces (i) to any person behaving in a violent and/or aggressive manner, (ii) to any person carrying weapons or any other object which might be used for the same purpose, (iii) to any person wearing any clothes or any sort of symbolism that incites violence, racism and/or xenophobia, and (iv) to any person showing symptoms of unlawful substance use.
  8. Children under 5 years of age may enter all events for free, without a ticket. Children between the ages of 5 and 11 are entitled to a discount that will be announced on the Website well before the event takes place.
  9. Children under sixteen (16) years of age must be accompanied by an adult, while children aged (16) and seventeen (17) must have a duly certified authorization from their parents or legal guardians in order to enter the event. Should they fail to produce said authorization, they will not be allowed into the event and will not be entitled to file a complaint about this matter.
  10. The sale and consumption of alcohol are forbidden for people under eighteen (18) years of age as established by article 25 of Act 17/1997 and article 31.3 of Act 6/1995 of 28th March on Guarantees for the Rights of Children and Adolescents in the Comunidad de Madrid.
  11. If the event were to be cancelled, customers will still retain their hotel reservations. Said reservation must be cancelled by the interested party, since accommodation is NOT included in the ticket price. KLZ Events is exempted from any responsibility on this matter.
  12. KLZ Events is also exempted from any responsibility regarding accommodation bookings.
  13. KLZ Events will not refund the price of a ticket unless the product or service in question was cancelled, in which case the full amount paid shall be refunded.
  14. A guest cancelling their attendance may never be reason for a ticket refund, whatever the circumstances for said cancellation should be. The aim of KLZ Events is to carry out its activities whether the artists can participate or not. If a circumstance as the one outlined in the paragraph above were to arise, customers will be dully notified as soon as possible and from the moment that KLZ Events is notified of said circumstanceIn the event that a guest cancelled their attendance, KLZ Events will strive to replace the original guest (hereinafter Guest 1) for another from the same TV show, film and/or the same field (hereinafter Guest 2), substituting all products related to Guest 1 with products related to Guest 2. In any event, customers will be entitled to accept said replacement or to be reimbursed for the total amount of the products of Guest 1, as long as they are able to produce proof of payment of said products (except special cases specified inside the statement of cancellation of Guest 1).Consequently, the price of the tickets will not be refunded under any circumstances other that the unlikely complete cancellation of the event and other situations herein described, since said ticket gives its holder the right to enter the event regardless of the attendance of the invited artists. It should be pointed out in this respect that on many occasions there have been events where no artists were invited at all.
  15. Flash may be used to take photographs in the Panels Room only during the first fifteen (15) minutes of the event. After fifteen (15) minutes, the use of flash is strictly forbidden. Should a customer ignore this regulation, the situation will be evaluated and if said infraction of the rules caused any inconveniences, the customer could be asked to leave the event without the possibility of a total or partial refund for the amount of the ticket and without the right to file any claim against KLZ Events. Cameras and any other devices that use flash to capture images are included in the present regulation. KLZ Events allows the recording of the panels, but please note that this particular regulation may change at the guest artists’ request.
  16. Taking personal photographs is not allowed in the Meeting Rooms, autographs nor photo ops areas.
  17. KLZ Events resrves the right to make special offers of ALL of its products and tickets at any time. Discounts are not accumulative.
  18. All events my be recorded, fully or partically, by KLZ Events, sponsors and/or other media. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the interested party explicitly allows KLZ Events to record said images for promotional purposes only and has no legal claim over the aforementioned recordings.
  19. KLZ Events may change the venue and/or date of the event under special circumstances. In the unlikely case of such a situation, the interested party and other legally established assistants’ rights would be favourable to them.
  20. KLZ Events may not be held responsible for any lost and/or stolen goods as well as for any accidents that are caused by the customer’s imprudence or negligence during the normal performance of the event.
  21. In the unlikely event that a convention were to be cancelled, KLZ Events will refund the total amount of the photographs bought by the interested parties.
  22. Returns are not accepted unless the reason for said return constituted force majeure as recorded in legislation and was dully justified.
  23. The purchase of one (1) photograph means only one person (besides the Guest) may appear in it. If the interested party wishes to appear with an extra person, they must purchase two (2) photographs.
  24. Photographs will be taken in the same order they are purchased. If the interested party has purchased more than one (1) photograph, they may have them taken at the same time instead of queuing again.
  25. In the unlikely event that a convention were to be cancelled, KLZ Events will refund the total amount of autographs bought by the interested parties.
  26. The guests may only sign Warner Bros. and KLZ Events/OneHundredCon official merchandise. KLZ Events reserve the right to ban certain merchandise due to a guest’s request or to the organization’s interests.
  27. It is allowed to give presents to the guests as long as it is not offensive to their personal, family and/or professional dignities.
  28. Autographs will be signed in the same order they are purchased. If the interested party has purchased more than one (1) autograph, they may have them signed at the same time instead of queuing again.
  29. KLZ Events cannot guarantee the availability of more than one (1) photograph and one (1) autograph per guest due to restrictions imposed by the artists.
  30. KLZ Events shall do its utmost to help customers who, due to force majeure, cannot have all their photographs taken or cannot have all their autographs signed at the convention. Nevertheless, if the reason for this issue cannot be imputable to KLZ Events, the organization will not be subject to any claims on the matter.
  31. KLZ Events will not be held responsible in the event that not all autographs purchased are signed or that not all photographs purchased are taken, due to force majeure not imputable to the organization, including but not limited to natural disasters, war, terrorism, revolutions, strikes, riots, administrative and/or government acts and in general, any other reason that could not have been forseen by the organization. Should the reasons for the unfulfillment of all or some of the planned commitments be imputable to KLZ Events or could have been forseen by the organization, the total or partial amount paid, depending on the case, will be refunded.
  32. One individual may purchase more than one (1) ticket.
  33. Every ticket should be linked to one (1) individual by full name and identification. If a person purchases more than one (1) ticket without confirming the name of the holder or holders of the rest of the ticket, they must send an email to onehundredcon@klzevents.com as soon as possible, detailing the information about the other holder or of the other holders to the organization.
  34. Bad behavior towards the guests and/or the organization will lead to the customer’s expulsion from the convention without the right for a refund.
  35. In the case that the guests, due to being indisposed, could not have all their photographs taken or sign all their autographs, KLZ Events will refund the amount of said products upon request.
  36. KLZ Events will not be held responsible for any protocol regulations imposed by the guests at any time. Customers expressly agree to observe the established protocol of an specific event when purchasing their tickets, without the right to subsequent claims on said protocol.
  37. KLZ Events reserves the right to eject from the convention any person who disrupts the normal development of the event or does not follow and respect the regulations indicated by the KLZ Events Staff during the convention. This is not limitative, but merely an example. The expulsion from the event due to these or similar circumstances will not be subject to refund rights.
  38. Professional and personal commitments of the guests prevail over the commitment with KLZ Events regarding the convention. Therefore, guests may cancel their attendance to the event at any time. Should this happen, KLZ Events will implement the regulations estipulated in clause 14 of the present Terms and Conditions.
  39. All ticket purchase confirmations are sent within ten (10) workdays. If you don not receive said confirmation within the established time, please contact KLZ Events immediately at onehundredcon@klzevents.com.
  40. KLZ Events may modify the convention date at the request of a third party, previous warning to all customers though the appropriate information channels.
  41. The purchase of photographs and/or autographs is not permitted without having a ticket to the event.
  42. KLZ Events reserves the right to change, modify and/or make special offers on ALL of its products from the moment they are published on the Website up to the date of the convention, which includes the time duringthe duration of the event.
  43. Printed copies of the photographs taken during the event will be made available one (1) hour after the convention finishes. If a customer must leave the event before this time, KLZ Events may send the copies to a shipping address provided by the customer as long as the customer pays for shipping charges. However, in the event that a customer shouldn’t receive their copies due to reasons imputable to the organization, KLZ Events will pay for the total amount of shipping charges to send the copies to the customer’s address.
  44. By purchasing a ticket, a customer accepts all Terms and Conditions aforementioned.
  45. KLZ Events reserves the right to totally or partially modify or replace any of the present Conditions by posting notices on the Website This will be done with the purpose of informing the customers of any modification or replacement of any of the Conditions before they purchase tickets and/or other services offered. The aim of this measure is to informthe customers of the exact Conditions that may result from their purchase, before said purchase is made.
  46. Customers are advised to review these Conditions on a regular basis. The modified version of these Conditions will be published on the Website. If you do not agree with these Conditions you are advised to stop using the Website. The continued use of the Website after the publication of any modifications to the Conditions constitues acceptance ofsaid modifications.
  47. KLZ Events may suspend or terminate at any time and without previous notice the access to all services and contents of the Website (including availability of any database or content without limitation), without customers being entitled to claim compensation.
  48. In the event of non-conformity with the products and/or services offered on the Website do not hesitate to contact KLZ Events through the following link: http://www.klzevents.com/KLZevents/spanish/. Complaint forms are available upon request through a link at the bottom of the present Conditions.
  49. Should you have knowledge of any illicit behavior committed within the Website, you may report it at onehundredcon@klzevents.com. Alternatively, you may also contact the organization at the following address:c/. Travesía de Juncarejo 40, 28411 -Morlzarzal- (Madrid, Spain)
    Telephone: 0034 616794639
  50. The present Conditions are subject to the law of Spain and the application of the law in that jurisdiction.
  51. Both KLZ Events and the customer commit to subject all controversies and/or discrepancies that may arise from the interpretation, compliance or unfulfillment of the present Terms and Conditions to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid, expressly waiving their right to any other jurisdiction.
  52. These Terms and Conditions have been written in Spanish and translated into English, German, French and Dutch. Therefore, the Terms and Conditions written in Spanish prevail in all cases and will be interpreted according to Spanish law.